The Joys of Station Transfers

KFD Station 2: The Deuce

KFD Station 2: The Deuce

During 2013, I worked out of Fire Station 2: The Deuce for the majority of the time. We typically try to station (4) personnel out of this station, but due to staffing levels, it doesn’t always happen. In January, I was transferred to headquarters due to our shift being down personnel, but I was still able to work out of Station 2 the majority of the time. A few weeks ago, the station assignments were released and I found that I would be getting transferred again. This time, I will be heading out to Colonial Heights and working on Engine 6. While it isn’t an unfamiliar area for me due to having been stationed there during 2010, it is definitely a change in pace.

The city of Kingsport has been annexing a lot of the Colonial Heights area for the last few years. During my 2010 tour, the call volume was significantly slower than the other stations. Now days, the call volume has picked up quite a bit. While I haven’t seen the latest run totals for Station 6, I do know that the call volume for our department is on track to come in nearly 1,000 calls higher than last year. One of the unique features that Station 6 has is an ambulance. Sullivan County EMS Med-6 also operates out of our station, but we have a great working relationship with their crews.

Station 6: Motel 6

Station 6: Motel 6

I know many of you may be thinking to yourselves that it sure does sounds like a lot of moving, and you’d be exactly right. This is one tradition that the Department has been sure to keep alive. While it doesn’t always involve all personnel moving stations, the majority of our shift moves on an annual basis. They seem to think that this gives the personnel at busy stations a break, and gets the personnel at slow stations back into practice. While my personal opinion is that there are more Pros than Cons of leaving personnel at assigned stations until a transfer is requested or a problem arises. This may also be because I think that the longer I work with a crew, the better we perform as a team. We know our crew’s expectations, we know our strengths, and we know our weaknesses. Which would you prefer to have? A crew that has preplanned their district, a crew that knows the streets in and out, and a crew that is familiar with working with each other OR a crew that haven’t worked together before, hasn’t been stationed in that district before, and a crew that is still learning the area? Despite my thoughts on the process, I will have a positive attitude and make the best of every shift that I am able to report for duty. After all, I have the best job in the world that anyone could ask for, and I am very thankful for that.


Station 2 Projects Completed

Patches, Logos, and Station Pride

The Red, White, and Blue: Flagpole Project

The Stairwell: Remembering the 343

The crew that I have worked with basically for the last 18 months has been great! We worked well together, and all had tough skin to deflect all of the jokes and pranks that have taken place as well. We have caught quite a few of fires together, and I can’t thank them enough for always being there for me. I have dealt with my fair share of personal battles throughout the last 18 months, and these guys have always been there for me. We have knocked out a lot of projects around the station together (links above), and they have been nothing but supportive when it comes to the website (except threatening me to never put pictures of them or mention them by name online). While I have done a great job of honoring their wishes, this past week has been a great one. I finally asked them if we could take a crew photo before we moved our separate ways, and with a little negotiating…they agreed! So, here it is…


Engine 2 Crew (’13-’14)

This 4-day break, I will be continuing to pack and move the rest of my gear/uniforms out to my new station. I am excited to be working with my new crew, both of which I haven’t been stationed with before. Without a doubt, I will be working on making the Fire Station feel more like a Fire House by planning projects along the way. We have a great area full of workout equipment in the basement area of the station that I hope to take full advantage of while on-shift. I am looking forward to taking full advantage of any days that are rather slow to train and keep proficient on my skills.

The “Model City” Firefighter