VIDEO: Tripod Overturns w/ Reporter in Stokes During High Angle Rescue Training

During a training session in Fort Wayne, Indiana, last week, a reporter was participating in a high angle rescue scenario that the Special Operations Response Team was holding. The stokes basket was lowered down to a parking garage and then hauled back up. Once the basket reached the edge of the building, the cameras were rolling as the tripod fell over causing the basket/reporter to drop several feet. Fortunately, all of the safety equipment was rigged in place, and they were not in harms way.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Training is a big part of a firefighter’s job and NewsChannel 15 got an exclusive inside look at high angle rescue training with the Fort Wayne Fire Department’s Special Operations Response Team (SORT).

(Watch the second video to see views from inside the rescue basket next to the view from the roof.)

SORT responds to difficult rescues like from trench or structural collapses, towers or grain bins. There are 36 firefighters on SORT. Split between the department’s three shifts, there are ten paid members and two trainee spots per shift. They team trains every Wednesday.

“It’s important because it keeps us sharp and utilizing all those ropes skills we trained to get,” Russ McCurdy, the FWFD SORT leader, said.

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