Station Project: KFD Station 1 Logo

st1pride (1)During my time at Fire Station 2, I wrote several articles about some of the projects that we completed around the station such as installing a flag pole, an assignment board at Fire Station 1, a patch wall, and there were several others. At the same time, I have been more than happy to help some of the other stations with a few projects along the way. Fire Station 1 is located in the DOWNTOWN area of The “Model City,” and is our Central Fire Station. The Fire Administration, Fire Marshal’s Division, and Public Education Officer are located at this station, along with 8 line personnel that staff C-3 (Deputy Chief Unit), Engine 1, Ladder 1, and Fire-Rescue 12 (Rescue Engine).

Station 2 logo.

Station 2 logo.

Shortly after developing a logo for “The Deuce,” I was approached about helping come up with a logo for Fire Station 1. We immediately started brainstorming with ideas and searching the internet to find some logo ideas that we liked. While searching, I came across a patch (logo) for Silver Spring, Maryland, which is located in the DC area. The patch that I found online was for the Montgomery County Fire Rescue Station 1 that is located in Silver Spring. The logo had several pieces of apparatus listed on it, and an EAGLE with the wings spread across the logo. After showing the logo around, we decided that this would be the base piece for our logo.

KFD Station 1 Patch

KFD Station 1 Patch

Since I believe in always doing the right thing, I decided to email the department and ask permission to work off of their logo and make the necessary changes. Within no time, I received an email back saying that we were more than welcome to use the logo. Due to all of our apparatus having equipment color coded, the colors had been Red, White, and Blue for the apparatus our of Headquarters. We decided to use those colors, and make changes to the text to reflect our department.

Shortly after finalizing the design, we ordered patches for personnel that collect them, and decals for the apparatus. This logo is now proudly displayed on the apparatus and patches are available for our members. This is one small simple step that can be made to help boost moral for your company.

On my way to Baltimore Firehouse Expo this year, I actually received a call from one of the brothers at the Silver Spring station. He had been on the Facebook page and saw our logo, but was unaware of the conversation I had several months back asking for permission to modify the logo. While he wasn’t upset, he was just calling to ensure that someone hadn’t charged us to create a logo that was already being used by their company. It actually worked out for us to swing by their station on the way back to Tennessee.


The brothers welcomed us with open arms and the PRIDE they have for their company was very obvious! The firehouse was full of different signs, logos, boards, and other examples that these guys display their pride. One of the most notable and a centerpiece of their station was the mural that had been painted on the wall by a local artist. The mural displayed historic fires, previous firehouses, and even a 9/11 tribute. It was such a comfortable station that had been customized by the guys.

st1pride (6)

Below you will find a few more photos that I took while visiting the station, included a Paddle that was given to other companies when Company 1 beat them to another companies first due. They told stories of how the Engineer would walk up to the “first-due” companies Engineer and present him with the paddle saying that they had been beat by Company 1. The stories were priceless, the history was very interesting, and the guys were some of the nicest I’ve met. It’s a pleasure to meet brothers and sisters across the country that GET IT! MCFR Station 1 is a member of the 1st Battalion, and you can follow them on Facebook by clicking here.

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