L-1791 Members Visit Niswonger Children’s Hospital in Ladder Truck

Truck 3 visits children at the Niswonger Children's Hospital in Johnson City, TN.

Truck 3 visits children at the Niswonger Children’s Hospital in Johnson City, TN.

This is a great story about local firefighters here in the Tri-Cities that GET IT! Recently, a few members of IAFF Local 1791 have taken it upon themselves to take the training to be able to volunteer at the Niswonger Children’s Hospital in Johnson City. Since several of the members have received the training, they have started taking the apparatus by to visit with the children. Yesterday, Truck 3 and Engine 5 members stopped by and visit with the children who are currently in the hospital. The apparatus was on display outside of the hospital for the children that are able to come out for a tour. Here’s the best part…

Since there are many children that are too sick to be able to make it outside, the brothers took those extra steps for them. They set-up the aerial device on Truck 3 and go to them! They took the bucket up to wave at children through the windows and talk to them on the balconies at the hospital. L-1791 PIO Avery Knapp stated that the members have been trying to do this twice a month.


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Next time you come in contact with kids while you are out in the rig, take the time to go the extra step. We have such an influence on children these days, and the impact is priceless when we take a few minutes at the store to show them the apparatus. If you’re returning from a call, something as simple as waving or a blast of the airhorn means more to them than we will ever realize. It’s great to see brothers going above and beyond for others!