Kingsport Firefighters and Longhorn Steakhouse Join Forces to Benefit MDA

kfalonghorn2On Saturday, October 18th, 2014, the Kingsport Firefighter’s Association Local 2270 and the Longhorn Steakhouse in Kingsport teamed up to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. While the IAFF is known to have a very strong relationship with the MDA, this is also true for IAFF Local 2270 in Kingsport. Each year, Local 2270 hosts the MDA: Fill the Boot in the “Model City.” Firefighters set-up at local stores and with the publics support, they are able to “fill the boot” to raise money for the MDA. In Kingsport, the firefighters also help the local MDA chapter with a Lock-up that is held at a local restaurant where members of the community are brought in until they “post bail” by asking their contacts for a donation to the MDA.

kfalonghorn1Today, Longhorn Steakhouse opened it’s doors from 8AM-10AM for a Steak/Egg All-You-Can-Eat breakfast for a $5 donation to the MDA. This is the first time that the KFA and Longhorn Steakhouse has partnered up for a great cause. By around 9AM, nearly 75 people had already came in for a top-notch breakfast plate. Gene Lady, from Local 2270, stated that any money that was raised would be a great benefit to the MDA. They are still researching a cure for the disease, and also offer a MDA camp which kids with Muscular Dystrophy attend.

By the end of breakfast, around $700 was raised in just two hours! The Kingsport Firefighter’s would like to thank the members of the community for coming out and supporting a great cause, and the members of Longhorn Steakhouse for hosting such event!

WJHL News: Kingsport Fire, LongHorn Steakhouse team up to raise money for MDA