Monthly Archives: October 2014

NFFF Memorial Weekend: Honoring Our Heroes

Each year, hundreds of survivors attend the National Fire Academy for their loved ones to be honored. A number of activities are planned throughout the weekend for the families, and returning survivors also assist the new families throughout the weekend. Over 1,000 volunteers assist with the services to make sure the weekend is all about the families of those who passed in the last year, and those who are being honored from previous years.

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Just Livin’ the Dream: Intro (New Column)

My section of the blog site will become affectionately known as "Just Livin' the Dream." This was a coin phrase of my father who was a 2nd generation firefighter and had put in 45 years of service to the city of New Albany before his retirement, only to have his career begin again as Fire Chief for the Georgetown Twp. FD. My father was the best firefighter I've ever known, but as good as a firefighter as he was, he was an even better fire service instructor.

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Blowin’ Smoke with Lt. Rom Duckworth

Blowin’ Smoke is a recurring post on The “Model City” Firefighter that features an interview with different members of emergency services across the country. The intentions of the article is to share a small snapshot into the views and career ...

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