Monthly Archives: November 2014

Model City Station Tour: KFD Station 6

The Model City Station Tour articles will showcase the fire station throughout the area. Information detailed in the articles will show some of the design elements built into the station, the living quarters, unique station features, and any customization the ...

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A Letter from “The Rogues”

Dear ______, I’m sorry you find yourself annoyed with our passion.  I’m sorry that our pursuit of excellence bothers you. Some of you may even hate us. Don’t misunderstand me in that I’m not apologizing for my love of the ...

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Blowin’ Smoke with Chief Rich Gasaway

You can’t train enough for a job that can kill you! Oftentimes I have program attendees with 40, 45, even 50 years of service coming to my classes to learn. This inspires me and I always call them out and thank them for giving the class one of the greatest take-away lessons of the day. No matter how many years of service you have, there is still much to be learned.

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