Smoke Alarm Saturday Event is Huge Success in The Model City

smokesaturday1On Saturday, November 8th, the Kingsport Fire Department partnered with the American Red Cross and Trail Life USA Troop 1557 to help distribute smoke detectors to the community. The detectors that were distributed had been provided through the Assistance to Firefighters Fire Prevention Grant, and were to be given out to residents that reside in targeted areas of the city of Kingsport.

Since the detectors were received, the Kingsport Fire Department has been giving them out to residents as they are requested once it was confirmed they qualify. The initial grant provided 1,000 dual sensor alarm, and 100 hearing impaired detectors. The total grant was valued at around $44,000 when it was received 2 years ago.

smokesaturdayThe American Red Cross has recently been hosting “Smoke Alarm Saturdays” in the Model City. They recently reached out to KFD to assist in their project, and to help distribute the detectors the department already had on hand. Trail Life USA Troop 1557 decided to assist in this project. These organizations decided to take the detectors to the 5 targeted areas by going door to door. The group of volunteers not only distributed them, but they also installed the detectors in the appropriate places throughout the residences.

There is no doubt that lives will be saved due to these volunteers dedicating their time to the community. Many of the residents did not having working smoke detectors in the home. After a busy day of boots on the streets, the group of around 30 volunteers had visited nearly 500 homes.

WJHL Channel 11: Kingsport Fire, American Red Cross team up for smoke alarm check