The Fire Station Life: A Day at the KFD

A few years ago, our local TV channel, Channel 16, decided to capture a glance inside the happenings at the Kingsport Fire Department. Our department staffs 8 Engines, 1 Rescue pumper, 1 Ladder, and 1 Deputy Chief unit 24 hours a day. We operate out of 8 fire stations that are strategically located throughout the city. Each Engine is staffed with 3 personnel: 1 Captain, 1 Engineer, and 1 Firefighter. At least one of the three is a Paramedic, as we respond to medical calls as well. The Department also has 7 members of the Technical Rescue Team and 7 members of the Haz-Mat Team per shift.

The video below has been used to show members of the community that while we are not responding to emergency calls, there is still plenty of activities and duties that our personnel is responsible for. The Kingsport Fire Department recently had our I.S.O. Rating decreased to a Class 2, making it one of 750 Class 2 departments throughout the country. Click here to read the press release.