Ambulance Service Donates Transport to Bring Veteran Home

Photo via AAS Facebook

Photo via AAS Facebook

It is always great to see when people in a position to make a difference go above and beyond for others. There is no question that we all make a difference in others lives on a daily basis, but there are some that go far beyond what is expected. Recently, the local news station, WCYB ran a story about a Korean War veteran’s family that was raising money to have their loved one transported back to his Bristol TN home from Houston, Texas.

The veteran was in Texas last year when he suffered a stroke. Due to the severity of the injury, an ambulance would be required to transport Robert Taylor, a Korean War veteran, back home. Due to continuously growing medical bills, the family has been working to raise money to be able to afford him the transport back. Various quotes for the trip have ranged from $15,000- $18,000.

At the time of the story, the family had raised around $14,000 and stated that any additional funds above the cost of the transport would be used on the medical bills that continue to come in. Click here to go to the GoFundMe site.

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A local ambulance service that I am proud to have worked for years ago, Abingdon Ambulance Service, heard the story and decided they could MAKE A DIFFERENCE! They reached out to the news affiliate in Houston and contacted the family. They offered to DONATE the transport to bring the veteran home, and he will be transported in their VETERAN ambulance!

Today, 3 Abingdon Ambulance Service personnel headed west to pick up Taylor, and bring him home!

All of the employees of AAS should be PROUD to work for such agency that cares! It is not that the other agencies that were priced do not care, but it is the fact that AAS saw an opportunity to make a difference for a local family and DID! I’m proud to know the individuals that run the organization and many of the employees! JOB WELL DONE guys and have a safe trip!

WCYB Channel 5: Bristol hero needs help coming home