Model City Station Tour: KFD Station 6

st6tour (8)The Model City Station Tour articles will showcase the fire station throughout the area. Information detailed in the articles will show some of the design elements built into the station, the living quarters, unique station features, and any customization the crews have completed. If you would like to have your station featured, contact us at

Kingsport Fire Department: Station 6

st6tourIn 1991, the City of Kingsport opened Fire Station 6 in the Colonial Heights community of Kingsport. This station was built at the intersection of Fairlane Drive and Fort Henry Drive, within sight of Interstate 81. The majority of the district initially consisted of the highway and businesses. Since 1991, the City of Kingsport has continued to annex many residences in Colonial Heights, and the call volume is much higher then it once was. This station was built to cover the newly annexed areas in Colonial Heights that had been recently added to the city. The station was built as two bay firehouse, which was also the second station to feature a Kingsport Police substation.


e6Currently, Fire Station 6 houses a 2008 Seagrave which is a custom 6 man cab, and is staffed 24/7 with a Captain, an Engineer, and a Firefighter. Engine 6 is one of 3 engines in the city that is equipped with a hydraulic powered combi-tool. Due to the high frequency of motor vehicle accidents on the highway, and the extended response time of rescue apparatus, this allows the crew to begin extrication while additional resources are responding. Sullivan County EMS, which provides EMS for the city, also houses Med-6 at this KFD Fire Station #6. It is currently the only fire station in The Model City that houses an ambulance.


When the station was built in 1991, the exterior of the station was block/stucco finish. Over the last several years, the condition of the exterior has sustained a considerable amount of wear/tear. In 2014, the construction began to add brick to the exterior of the building. A number of other improvements were included in the project such a repairing the concrete pad next to the flag pole, painting the exterior of the structure, bricking the signage, and additional repairs on the interior are still scheduled to take place. Here are a few photos of the construction that has taken place to date:

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Motel 6 Logo

st6logoDue to the lower call volume initially, the station quickly earned the nickname of “Motel 6.” In the recent months, the crews working in Colonial Heights have worked to design a station logo. This logo will be used for challenge coins, patches, etc. This logo can also be seen on a masterpiece of Diana Wilkin’s Firehose Art that is on display in the dayroom.

wilkinsfirehose (4)


As of November 2014, the majority of the work on the outside of the station is complete. We are hoping to complete a few projects around the station as the interior work is complete. This is a view of the new exterior of the station.