Product Review: Firefighter Art (Artist Jodi Monroe)

jodiproductA few years ago, I came across the work of Jodi Monroe, an artist from Indiana, who has found a passion in drawing firefighter inspired masterpieces that can be customized for the customer. As a wife of a career firefighter, after drawing for a number of years, she now focuses much of her work on fire service art. This unique type of art makes for the perfect gift for a firefighter to hang in their “man cave” or even in their firehouse. She is able to personalize several of her most popular pieces to include the department abbreviation and station number on the helmet shield of her art.

While most of our communication has been done online, I did have the pleasure to meet her last year during FDIC in Indianapolis. Unfortunately, we were only able to chat for a brief time due to her booth being very busy with her prints flying off of the shelf. The prints are amazing, and the prices are very reasonable. Many of her prints were for sale in the booth without being customized, and additional prints were sold to feature her customizable options.

Firefighter Art

This is a site dedicated to artwork celebrating the profession of firefighting! As an artist, I have been drawing portraits for over 20 years, but over the past 10 years have truly found a passion for rendering works celebrating the profession of firefighting. My goal and passion for each work of art is to make it so incredibly life-like that you can feel the energy of the subject. You may also see my work on NBC’s TV show “Chicago Fire.” Please look for my prints “Waiting for the Call,” “Axe,” and “Attack” in the living and sleeping quarters set near the locker room. –

Custom Prints are 20% off until 12/11/14 and can be shipped in time for Christmas! Personalized Assault, Vent, Attack, Axe: $24 (Non-Personalized: $15) Click here to get in on the savings!

Custom Art

The first pieces of Firefighter Art that I received were when I was stationed at Station 1, Headquarters. These prints were given to our Executive Secretary who had them framed, matted, and placed on display in our station. The art work that is on display is the Assault and Attack prints. These can be seen on display in our Executive Secretary’s officer and in the Dayroom at KFD Station 1.

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KFD Station 6 Custom Art

As with all of my station projects, I am proud to invest time and money into making my station look presentable to the public, and I love the fact of us decorating the station to show off the pride we have in our department, our station, and our company. With the prints of Firefighter Art, we are able to show off her amazing prints, with a touch of personalization. I have been working with Jodi for quite some time now, and I know several brothers from work who have purchased her work for their homes. I recently received the new Station 6 prints, and had them framed/mated this week. Today, we had the pleasure of putting them on the wall here at Station 6. The prints that are now on display are the Assault, Attack, and the newly released VENT!


The prints that Firefighter Art customizes for the individual are nothing short of amazing. The fact that the great art can be personalized for each individual customer at such an affordable price makes it the perfect purchase for a coworker or that special firefighter in your life. If you take pride in your company, this is the perfect purchase to make to help display that pride! For around $30 (w/personalization), you can have one of these prints to show off! Her art has been featured on a number of products by Black Helmet Apparel, and even on the popular TV series, Chicago Fire. She also has a number of other prints that are available for purchase that may stand out to you even more. If you purchase from Firefighter Art, be sure to let Jodi know that the “Model City” Firefighter sent you!

Custom Prints are 20% off until 12/11/14 and can be shipped in time for Christmas! Personalized Assault, Vent, Attack, Axe: $24 (Non-Personalized: $15) Click here to get in on the savings!


Contact Information

Firefighter Art- Square Market (link) – SALE through THURSDAY, 12/11/14!

Firefighter Art (Artist Jodi Monroe) website (link)

Firefighter Art (Facebook Fan Page) (link)

Twitter: @JodiMonroe_Art

Instagram: @firefighterartjodimonroe