Nascar Pit Crew VS Charlotte NC Fire Department in Charity Event

The event was covered by WCCB Charlotte!

The event was covered by WCCB Charlotte!

Recently, Fed-Ex released a new in-store option for those products that don’t fit in boxes that you have laying around the house. You can actually take the product to their store, and they will wrap it for you. Since this is a new service offered, Fed-Ex wanted to create a friendly competition to announce the new options for their customers.

A charity event was held in the Charlotte area recently, and NASCAR Spring Cup driver Denny Hamlin, driver of the Fed-Ex #11 car, was on hand as his pit crew went head-to-head with the firefighters of Engine 22 (Charlotte Fire). The Fed-Ex experts started by showing both teams how to properly package a race car tire. After the demonstration, each team had to correctly package the tire, and were judged by the pro’s at Fed-Ex. This competition was based on quality, not speed.

The Charlotte firefighters WON the competition, and received a $5,000 check for the charity of their choice, Do The Right Thing program. Since the event was for charity, everyone was a winner! The Fed-Ex Sprint Cup Pit Crew also received a check for the charity of their choice, the Denny Hamlin Foundation, for $2,500.

The news channel, WCCB Charlotte, was on-scene to capture the event live! As always, it’s always great to see our brothers and sisters in the media participating in a positive event raising money for others! The video of the event can be seen below: