Kingsport Fire Department Training Facility Project Moving Forward

kfdtrainingAfter nearly 8 years of planning, the firefighters in Kingsport, TN will soon have a state-of-the-art training facility to conduct training burns, technical rescue drills, etc. The ground work has been laid; after being denied federal/state funding for the project, the City of Kingsport included the much needed complex in the C.I.P (Capital Improvement Project). The rumors are that this facility will be a Class A burn facility, rather than the more popular gas burning facilities. The training ground will be located next to Eastman Fire Department’s Training Ground off of Wilcox Drive in Kingsport. This story aired on WJHL Channel 11 tonight…

The “burn building”, one of the main focuses of the facility, will allow firefighters in training to experience “live fire” exercises.

“It will allow us for burns, hazardous material, technical rescue, all of those areas we need to train in,” said Boyd.

This is something Kingsport firefighters can’t get here at their home station.

“The closest facility that would have all of that encompassed, would be in Bell Buckle, that’s right outside of Murfreesboro, ” said Boyd.

Right now, Boyd says they are working with what they have, including using the bedrooms at the fire house.

“For the recruit school, this is basically the room we would use to practice searches in,” said Boyd.

They even use the truck bays outside.

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