Smoke Showing as Kingsport Firefighters Arrive at Bays Cove Circle

bayscoveJust before shift change, Kingsport firefighters responded to the 500 block of Bays Cove Circle for a reported structure fire. As the caller notified 911, they stated that smoke was coming from the residence but were unable to get anyone to the door. Engine 4, Engine 5, Engine 1, Fire-Rescue 12, Ladder 1, and Chief 3 responded emergency traffic to the address.

As Engine 4 arrived on-scene, they reported a single story residence with smoke showing from the eves of the B and D sides. Engine 4 quickly made entry into the residence to complete a search and locate the fire. Upon gaining access, firefighters encountered no smoke in the residence. They quickly realized that it was located in the attic and searched for an attic access. Firefighters working on the exterior made access to the attic and flowed water onto the smoldering fire.

Once the attic access was discovered (it had been covered up with sheetrock), the ceiling was pulled around the hot spots. The fire had been smoldering in the attic for some time before becoming visible from the exterior. The house was unoccupied, and no injuries were reported. Crews remained on-scene while they finished salvage/overhaul operations.

Sullivan County EMS and Kingsport PD assisted on-scene.