Firefighter’s Battle Structure Fire in Cold Weather

tranbarger1Just before midnight, Kingsport Firefighters (B-shift) were notified of a reported structure fire in the 1300 block of Tranbarger Road in the Lynn Garden Area of Kingsport, TN. Initial reports stated that flames were visible, and the residents were evacuating the structure. As 5 Engines, 1 Ladder, 1 Chief, and a Rescue truck responded to the scene, Kingsport PD arrived on-scene and confirmed a working structure fire.

borderpatrolAs Engine 5 arrived on-scene with heavy smoke showing, the Engine 5 Captain assumed Tranbarger Command. Engine 1 arrived on-scene and laid in a 5 inch supply line to the scene. Firefighters made an aggressive interior attack with a crosslay to locate the fire. Fire crews quickly advanced two lines in the structure due to being unsure if it was devided into two units as the fire continued to develop. As crews were working inside, Command advised that the fire had vented through the roof.

The interior crews were able to pull ceiling while working to contain the fire, and locate the fire that was travelling throughout the attic space above them. Command quickly relayed a change in smoke conditions on the exterior, and stated conditions were improving.

Ground ladders were placed on the Bravo and Delta sides of the residence for secondary means of egress. RIT crews maintained a state of readiness, and the Ladder crew worked to ventilate the structure.

Crews remained on-scene for several hours to complete salvage and overhaul of the residence.

AEP, KPD, SCEMS, and Kpt. Public Works assisted on-scene.

Units responded: Engine 5, Engine 4, Engine 1, Engine 2, Fire-Rescue 12, Fire-Rescue 5, Ladder 1, Chief 3