CrossFit: Shifty Powers Goes Blue to Show That #PoliceLivesMatter

CF:Shifty Powers 6AM brothers and sisters in BLUE!

CF:Shifty Powers 6AM brothers and sisters in BLUE!

This past week, I have been sharing many of the articles that I have written about my fitness journey along the way. They always seem to be articles that everyone can relate to, and I believe readers can find bits a pieces to apply in their own journey. The reason these articles have been shared on my social media sites this week is because it’s my 1 year mark from being at CrossFit:Shifty Powers. While I will admit that it was my personal decision to try to improve my physical fitness level, the brothers and sisters at my box have kept my dedication at a maximum level. I’m in no way, shape, or form, a walking advertisement for a gym, and I continue to eat sweets, drink beer, and not consume enough water as I should. With that being said, I have come a long way. I am also still not yet where I hope to be in the future. The most important way for each of you to begin improvement is by taking small steps. Don’t put it off any longer, and make an attempt to do something each day that will work toward your goals.

All of my goals will never be met, but I will continue to attempt to improve my fitness level in the future. It is no secret that physical fitness needs to be a priority for those of us who are on the job. Whether career or volunteer, the fire service as a whole benefits from individuals that are fit for the job. I know first hand how easy it is to let my weight get out of hand, and I often fluctuate on a continual basis. One thing that I can say with confidence is that I am hitting the gym 3-5 times a week, and working toward being better tomorrow than I was today. Many of the Line of Duty Deaths that the fire service has each year are preventable. In the article, Minimum Staffing and “Extra” Personnel, I talked about the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation’s new goal of “Under 50.” I am doing my part, and one of those ways is by trying to stay fit for duty.

Today is the 1st annual National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Anyone that has a TV, tablet, or mobile phone is well aware of the situations that our first responders are dealt with on a daily basis. Throughout the past several months, our brothers in blue have been ambushed and targeted as a result of pure ignorance. I have heard several friends that wear a badge and a gun tell me that they are seriously looking to possibly hang it up if things don’t improve. I would venture to say that the brotherhood is the fire service is one of the strongest bonds that I’m aware of, but we also share many common goals with our brothers and sisters in blue.

Two Lines, One Family

policelivesmatter1In honor of the National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, the CrossFit: Shifty Powers members wore blue during the workouts today. The crews consist of people from all walks of life and various occupations. We all share the common goal of keeping physical fitness a priority in our life. By participating in the WOD and wearing blue, each of us helped raise awareness to the dangerous situations that police officers are dealt with on a daily basis. We all believe that #PoliceLivesMatter! I’d like to thank each member that participated in this event, and for helping show appreciation our brothers in blue. Highly Dangerous Graphics and Apparel hooked us up with these blue shirts to wear for the occasion, and I will continue to wear mine with pride!