CrossFit: Shifty Powers Raises over $2K in Barbells for Boobs Event

b4baIn the past, I have continued to share with our followers/readers about the different memorial WOD’s and fundraising events that we have held at our gym. In case you are new to the site, I enjoy sharing/writing about my fitness journey. A few months ago, I wrote an article about the motivation that keeps me going on a weekly basis. After writing, What’s Your Motivation, I received a large number of comments and responses from fans who are going through the exact same battles with physical fitness. I have extended an invitation for anyone who wants to talk, and by no means am I a perfect example of what to do. I eat all of the wrong things, drink more beer than I should, and eat late at night on many occasions, but I still attend the gym regularly because I know that fitness is a very important aspect of our job. I’ve been working out on a regular basis for over a year now at my CrossFit gym, Shifty Powers, and I’m not sure where I would be without their continued support.

I guess you could say I’ve drank the Kool-Aid (insert CrossFit joke here)…but what’s most important is that you get involved in a style of workout that keeps you going and involved. While I had tried weight lifting, different circuits, etc. I felt like I was able to apply the style of workouts that we complete in the gym to my job. Everyone must start somewhere. If it’s walking on the treadmill, lifting some weights, or having a personal trainer help you…you are on the right track.

The CrossFit Open is a nationwide competition to select the best of the best athletes to compete in the CrossFit games (Rich Froning, who has won for a few years is also a former firefighter from TN.) While the nations top competitors compete in the Open to qualify for regions and eventually the CrossFit Games, thousands of other atheletes compete in the Open every year. With the continued support for my CrossFit family, I have decided to register for the Open. For me, it isn’t about who is the best at this and who has to scale this workout…it’s about working hard to better yourself. There are 5 workouts involved and they are announced one at a time for 5 weeks. Once the workouts are announced, athletes will have until the following Monday to complete the workout and enter their score online.

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Are any of you giving the Open a try? Comment below and let us know!

Barbells for Boobs

9AM Group from the event...

9AM Group from the event…

This past weekend, CrossFit: Shifty Powers in Kingsport, TN, held a fundraising event at the gym to raise money for Barbells for Boobs. Barbells for Boobs is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer, with an emphasis on women and men under 40. This is the first event benefitting this cause held at our gym, but there will be additional ones in the future.

The Fundraising WOD


3 Rounds for time:

400 meter run
21 KB swings (1.5/1 pood)
12 Pull-ups

followed by


150 Wall balls (20/14) for time

Despite the inclement weather, the event had a great turnout from athletes throughout the area. The workout heats were ran every hour, and Coaches and staff stayed most of the day. After the event, CF:Shifty Powers announced that over $2,000 had been raised for Barbells for Boobs.

The next Barbells for Boobs fundraising event is being scheduled for April 2015, and we hope that you join us if you are in the area.

Donations can also be made at