Product Review: TECGEN PPE

tecgenreview (2)The majority of the responses that Fire Departments respond to these days are not working structure fires (with a few exceptions), and we are putting lots of wear and tear on our structural gear by wearing them on vehicle accidents, calls during the night, etc. With the cost of structural gear being high, there are options out there that can help.

Our friends at TECGEN PPE sent a set of gear over for a wear test and a product review. I have been working with them for quite some time now, and even made an appearance in their booth at FDIC 2014. Their gear is UL certified to exceed NFPA 1951 (Technical Rescue) and NFPA 1977 (Wildland Firefighting).



Product Specs


TECGEN® fabrics are made with a high density TECGEN® fiber blend and para-aramid in a comfortable and durable construction. TECGEN® fiber is a patented, inherently flame resistant fiber providing advanced heat and flame protection capabilities. This unique fiber has a high density carbon shell, yet the core is engineered to be flexible, providing increased durability over typical carbon based fibers.

This technology allows us to develop fabrics that offer high levels of thermal protection (TPP) and breathability (THL).  You no longer have to sacrifice one for the other.

Package Levels

Product Review

As I first opened the box, I was impressed with how lightweight the gear was and knew that I would rather be wearing the TECGEN PPE on some of the various calls that we wear rather than turnouts. I received the Package 3 gear with the reinforced elbows and knees, and with my website listed on the back.

As a member of the Technical Rescue Team in my department, I can see many uses for this gear. While every department is different, we honestly don’t respond on a large number of brush fires. However, my department does have a very active Tech Rescue Team that trains on a monthly basis on each shift, and completes several full certification classes each year. In the past, we have had yellow nomex brush gear that is very hot and doesn’t breathe well at all. After wearing this gear during a recent trench class, it breathes so much better!

tecgenreview (1)I was so impressed with how lightweight it was and how cool it kept my body that I decided to wear it during the Courage and Valor 5K last year in Indianapolis! I know there are many firefighters who have ran 5k’s in full turnout gear, but I can’t even begin to tell you how cool it kept me during the run.

I would recommend purchase of the TECGEN PPE for departments that do specialized rescue, wildland firefighting, or even auto extrication. If you are interested in a wear test (my department is currently doing one) of the TECGEN PPE, click here. With many departments facing budget cuts in these economic times, cut down the wear and tear on your turnouts and check out TECGEN!

Contact Information

3453 Pelham Road, Suite 201
Greenville SC 29615
(888) 607-8883
(888) 623-0336 fax

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Twitter:  @TECGENFR