Station Project: KFD Station 6 Logo

st6patchFor those of you who have been following the site for some time now, you should be familiar that there are several topics that seem to occur in many of the posts on One of the most frequent things that I talk about is PRIDE. In the fire service, we can either sit around and complain about every little thing, or we can accept the fact that we aren’t going to be happy with every little decision made. Once we have accepted that and decided not to dwell on that fact, then we are able to put effort into the things that we do have control over.

Each and every shift, I have the ability to make myself miserable, or embrace the fact that I am going to make the best of it. Unfortunately, many of the “Negative Nancy’s” can have an impact on the opinions and attitudes of others. I chose to take pride in my department, my station, my crew, and my career choice. I try my best to make the best of each shift to ensure that we are safe, we complete our tasks, and we make the best of the time spent doing it.

During my time at Fire Station 6, our crew has worked on several different projects to allow others to take pride in their job. We aren’t the only ones that do this of course, but we have played our role in the grand scheme of things. Our station was recently remodeled, and we take pride in our station to keep it in that condition.

If you need custom coins, patches, etc…Contact me at!

A few projects/articles that have been published in the past:

Station Project: Firehose Flag: We used decommissioned fire hose to build a large American flag to display in our living area. This is one of the largest projects that we have completed within the station, and it’s something that we show our visitors with PRIDE!

Station Project: Fire Hose Art: While we didn’t do this ourselves, I worked with Diana Wilkins from Diana Wilkins Fire Hose Art to complete this project. We worked with her on the logo/layout of this piece, and it is now displayed in our dayroom as well.

Model City Station Tour: KFD Station 6: This is an article that I wrote a while back covering some of the specifics/projects/renovations that have been completed at the station. The article also touches on staffing/apparatus/history of our station.

Station 6 Logo

To help understand how we came up with the logo, I’ll explain a little about our territory/history of our station. Several years ago, the City of Kingsport annexed much of the Colonial Heights area. Due to the location of this district, response times were too long from the existing stations causing the department to construct Station 6. Since at the time, much of the area remained in Sullivan County (wasn’t annexed), this station had a much lower call volume in comparison with the others. This played a role in the members referring to it as “Motel 6.”

st6logoBuilding off of the existing “nickname,” when we started working on a logo, we had direction on which route to go with it. We used the red/blue color scheme as you would recognize from a Motel 6 sign if you were travelling down the highway. After a few drafts, we added the light bulb in the center of the 6, and worked to come to our finished product.

My good friend James Lewis, Jr. from Thumper’s Creations, worked with us to complete a hand drawn sketch of our draft. Once we completed this, we knew that it was exactly what we wanted.

From there, we had a digital representation of our logo made for challenge coins and patches for members to collect as well as trade during their travels.

Station 6 Patches/Coins

As we have done with many of the other stations, we used our design to have patches made. While these logos/patches aren’t “recognized” by the department and can’t be displayed on our uniform, we are still able to trade and collect these for our own personal collection.

st6logoOnce the patches were wrapped up, we moved on to Challenge Coins. Most of you have noticed the newest trend of trading amongst other firefighters is challenge coins from your department/station. When I first entered the fire service, the most common item to see traded was t-shirts. Of course, patches have always been popular due to the availability of them and the cost.

st6coinOur challenge coin displays the Station 6 logo on the back and has text around the outer edge reading:

Do Your Job.
Treat People Right.
Give All Out Effort.
Have an All In Attitude. -Cpt. vonAppen

This is an everyday reminder of what it is all about. We take pride in that.