Hook & Ladder Distillery Brings “Shine” to Downtown Kingsport

hooknladderdistilleryIn Tennessee, it’s not uncommon to find a glass jar here or there with a little “white lightening” inside that will make you feel the burn through your nostrils and all the way down to your gut. A new distillery open in downtown Kingsport now has product that will give you a “smooth burn!” The fire service is rich of tradition, and that is just what the Draper family has started with their new distillery company.

hooknladder (3)Fire Captain Drew Draper and his son, Drew Jr., have started Hook & Ladder Distillery, a moonshine manufacturing company. Once they pinned down a recipe, the father – son duo decided to share it with others. Over the last several months, a lot of hard work and sweat has been put into finishing up their new business at 316 Broad St. Suite 100 in the downtown area.

Old turnout coats, hip boots, fire helmets, and old extinguishers line the walls to help tie in the fire service themed business. The fire hose bar top is a great touch to the design as patrons can sample the Hook & Ladder Distillery’s shine. The distillery is currently working on stocking the shelves with it’s 140 Proof, 100 Proof, and a variety of flavored (80 Proof) moonshine.

The label reads:

Long time career firefighter, Drew Draper and his son, Drew Jr. are passionate about creating a legacy of family, comradery, and good times. Drew Jr. developed an all-natural moonshine recipe using an old thumper type still that really impressed. The father and son team knew they were onto something. The sweet, flavorful moonshine was too delightful not to be shared. So they opened Hook & Ladder; A honest expression of their families passion, creating a new chapter for the Drapers.

Today, located in Kingsport, TN, Hook & Ladder Distillery is creating a new family distilling tradition. The Draper’s dedicate all their success to the firefighting heroes who “shine” every day.

Cpt. Draper stated, “None of this would have been possible without everyone chipping in to help us out. Firefighter’s have brought in old gear, extinguishers, etc. Vintage Timbers (firefighter-owned company) helped us with the re-claimed barn wood to really set the bar off.”

hooknladder (2)This is only the beginning! Hook and Ladder Distillery already has a variety of merchandise available to go along with the “smooth burn” that’s inside the jar. T-shirts, hats, cups, glasses, and even a 1 gallon Oak Barrel to age your moonshine in is for sale in the store and coming soon to the web.

**The sale of the Hook and Ladder Distillery Shine is currently on hold until a distributor is finalized.

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