“Spartans! Prepare For Glory!”

spartanraceObstacle races tend to be a popular event to fire, rescue, police, and military personal as they tend to test your physical and mental toughness. The thought of completing a race, yet having to take on various obstacles such as wall climbs, rope swings, and rope nets apparently is appealing to us…

This coming weekend, I will be traveling to Concord, NC to complete my first Spartan Race! While I have been following the Spartan Race’s for some time now, this is the first time that everything came together and I decided to jump on board. While I’m not entirely sure what to expect, that in fact is part of the entire concept. Click here to read Get Involved: Spartan Race (link)

Expect the unexpected. Be prepared for anything.

These sentences can also relate back to the fire service. As each run comes in, we know that we will have to mentally and physically overcome obstacles that life may have planted in our way. With the right amount of pre-planning, we attack these obstacles head-on.

logo5The Spartan Race is an obstacle race circuit that travels across several countries and offers a variety of distance in the different races.

  • Spartan Sprint: 3-5 miles
  • Spartan Super: 8-10 miles
  • Spartan Beast: 12-14 miles

While I have relied on my CrossFit gym, CrossFit: Shifty Powers, to keep me prepared for the majority of the obstacles, there may indeed be several that I cannot complete. If you are unable to complete an obstacle, it doesn’t equal failure. However, success doesn’t come without a price either.


For each obstacle (approx. 18-20 obstacles throughout the 3-5 mile course) you aren’t able to complete, you drop down and hit the dirt for 30 Burpees

Since registering for the event, I have been reading Joe De Sena’s, the founder of the Spartan Race, book, Spartan Up!. In this very motivating literature, De Sena tells about how the Spartan Race came about, talks about his endurance race experiences, and relates these races to the challenges that life brings us on a regular basis. (I’ll have a full review of the book at a later date.)

I’ll keep you updated on how the race went in an article next week!

Stay safe,

The “Model City” Firefighter

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