Spartan Sprint Charlotte ’15: Mental/Physical Challenges

cltspartanI survived…

All jokes aside, it has been over a year now that I have been looking forward to finally participating in a Spartan Race, an obstacle race/experience like no other. I have covered the Spartan Race events here on The “Model City” Firefighter before, and my schedule finally allowed me to travel to Charlotte, NC this weekend to complete one.

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Tough? Yes. Fun? Absolutely. Would I do it again? I’m signing up next week.

The Spartan Sprint in Charlotte, NC this past weekend was one of the best experiences I have ever had…and to think that it was a race. While the course was advertised as a 3-5 mile race with around 20 obstacles, it ended up being a 4.3 mile race with 23 obstacles. I use the word “race” lightly, not to downplay the competitive side of it…but to highlight the difficulty of some of the obstacles.

Jared and I ready to race.

Jared and I ready to race.

After arriving at the Porter Farms, we found hundreds…if not thousands of vehicles spread across the field. For me to say I was nervous is an understatement. However, the Spartan Race staff/volunteers soon help put my nerves to ease with their smiling faces and I found them very helpful/accommodating. We arrived several hours before our race time to find an array of activities to keep you entertained all day. There was a 6 foot wall that we practiced climbing over several times…since we had never done this before.

Beer. Merch Tents. Bag Check. Changing Tents. “Showers”. Spectator Viewing Area.

All of the I’s were dotted and T’s were crossed.

We had vowed to stay together and complete the obstacles one by one…and that’s exactly what we did!

We headed out on what would be a 2 hour journey through the woods, over 6/7/8′ walls, through mud trenches, up/down ropes, etc. The entire course was challenging, but involved a lot of team work along the way. At the first few obstacles, we actually stopped to help a few other competitors that were having problems over some of the obstacles.

The course was designed for anyone who put in the effort and focused their mind on the goal of finishing. Along the way, we did face many barriers, but nothing that we weren’t able to over come. As we failed a few of the obstacles…we entered the BURPEE ZONE. As our chest hit the ground each time, we knew that we were that much closer to the finish line. The physical side was only have of the challenge. There were many mental challenges that were also involved with the race. As I approached each obstacle, I set my mind on my task at hand.


The course is often times related to life itself. We may not know what challenges or obstacles will come next, but we have to work through the situation we are currently in. We can work to overcome this one, and deal with the next as it arises.

I would highly recommend anyone considering registering for a Spartan Race to SIGN UP!

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The Spartan Race is a fun, friendly, family event. We watched some of the Kid’s Spartan Races before and after running, and the kids were having a blast. While it is costly, I believe it is well worth the experience. You get a Spartan Finisher t-shirt at the end of the race as well as an ice cold BEER!

Here is a video of the obstacles from Brandon Devine:

I’m looking forward to the Spartan Super in Asheville, NC in August already!

I’d like to shout out to all my friends that also completed the Spartan Sprint this weekend! I hope some of you will join me in Asheville!