Goodbye “Motel 6”, “Hello” Station 3!

st3As this week if nearly half-way over, I finally find the time to take a few seconds to catch everyone up. If you follow along on The “Model City” Firefighter Facebook Page, you have noticed that station moves are upon us. Since the “magic pencil” has spoken, I will begin my tour at Fire Station 3 beginning Friday.

During the last year, I have gained a bond with my crew as we have worked on a number of projects together. Not only that, I have learned their expectations around the station and on-scene. While we have been stationed at a station that is known as “Motel 6,” we have still been able to fight a fire or two together. The call volume is probably less than half of the station that I am headed to.

There are challenges that come along with learning to work in a new area, new station, new apparatus, and new crew. As I have reflected on the previous year, I hope that I have taught the guys I’ve worked with a thing or two about the passion that can be had for the job. I know that the passion that I share with kids visiting the firehouse has rubbed off on them a time or two. I also know there wasn’t a project that was completed without both of the guys right by my side helping me along. Here are a few photos taken throughout the past year:

I look forward to learning to work¬†with my Captain and Engineer at Station 3 on the East Side. It is a much busier firehouse, and I am sure that we will come up with projects to work on throughout the next year together…