VIDEO: Political Candidate from Iowa Bashes Fire Truck Use in Chief’s Funeral

Long time serving Colo Fire and Rescue Department Fire Chief Mark Farren recently passed away after a battle with cancer. He spent over 3 decades as Chief, and volunteered countless hours for his community in Iowa. Chief Farren, Badge No 1104, was called home at 11:04am Sunday morning. His co-workers and emergency responders from across the region gave him the proper send off with a firefighter’s funeral.

A “potential city representative” from the nearby city of Nevada, Iowa, Rhonda Appelgate, took this video of the funeral procession and went to Facebook to rant about the use of emergency vehicles in the funeral procession.



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The video has had more than 65k views and nearly 1,000 shares…and plenty of comments.

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What do you think? Is this a misuse of emergency vehicles?

I have a feeling that most of you will agree that it is the least we can do to provide him a proper service after his continued dedication to the community…

Coverage of Chief Mark Farren’s service by KCCI 8 can be seen here (link).