Bristol VA Firefighters to Host RIT Training Opportunity

bristolflyerThe Bristol Virginia Professional Firefighters Association is hosting a four hour seminar on Rapid Intervention Team Operations on October 17. Chief James K. Crawford, Assistant Chief of Midway Fire Rescue and a retired Chief from Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire, will be instructing the class. He has more than 38 years of experience in the career and volunteer fire service.

Attached is the flyer which has all the details about the class. All questions and inquiries can be emailed to

The cost of the class is $25 for pre-registered, and $30 the day of the event.

Class Synopsis:

9:00–11:00  Rapid Intervention Team Operations; Firefighter rescue operations are skills all firefighters must have.  When a firefighter becomes incapacitated in a burning building the closest firefighting crews will be the first to assist, then the RIT.  This lecture course will help guide the student through the basic procedures and operations to overcome a Mayday event including command operations.  Discussed in this course will be; standby procedures, deployment, search operations, assessment/changeovers, packaging the patient, extrication, and removal.  This course will help to put fire departments wanting a good rapid intervention team program on the right path for success.

1:00-3:00  The Rapid Intervention Team Officer; The rapid intervention team officer is the single most important position on the fireground as it pertains to firefighter safety and survival. Knowing the duties of this position and being proficient at them are crucial for a successful firefighter rescue. Students are guided through these duties and learn the reasoning behind the process. Areas such as search, locating and assessing the victim, standby procedures, deployment, and size-up are covered from the RIT leader perspective.  This course is a must for current RIT officers, those wanting to become a RIT officer, or any firefighter performing the duties on a rapid intervention team.

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