Product Review: Irons and Hoses Helmet Refurbishing & Paint

Before sending to Irons and Hoses...

Before sending to Irons and Hoses…

A few months ago, I decided that my first leather helmet that was sitting on my bookshelf needed some TLC. This helmet has been on display since my volunteer department, The Chilhowie Fire & EMS Department, transitioned from the Cairns New Yorker to the Phenix Fire Due. They made this transition to move toward the NFPA standard and take the place of a brush helmet and structural helmet with one. Fortunately enough, our Department let us keep our leather helmets…which for me, was my first helmet.

Over the years, the paint had chipped off of the front brim of the helmet. While this added “character,” I had decided that I wanted to have it repaired to potentially wear at some of the shows I travel to. A brother from the Kansas City area, Tyler Smith, reached out and told me about his business, Irons and Hoses Helmet Refurbishing and Paint.

The Process

After sanding...

After sanding…

After receiving my helmet, Irons and Hoses quickly went to work on my helmet. They were able to keep me updated on the process, and send photos along the way. Listed below is a breakdown of the steps that they took:

Step 1: Remove all hardware, stickers and reflectors.
Step 2: Sand with hand sand paper to remove clear coat and paint with heavy grit paper.
Step 3: Bead blast entire surface using walnut shells to remove stubborn paint and expose bare leather.
Step 4: Sand helmet with very fine paper to make surface smooth and wash the helmet and ear flaps thoroughly.
Step 5: Tape and mask the “bowl” and the ring.
Step 6: Spray Primer
Step 7: Fill gouges and cracks if needed.
Step 8: Brush on oil based enamel paint (3 Coats) (Drying Time: 12 hours between coats.)
Step 9: Spray on clear coat
Step 10: Remove tape and plastic and clean all hardware.
Step 11: Replace hardware and add reflectors by request

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The Refurb

The entire process took around 2 weeks, due to shipping and the drying time on the helmet. I decided to go with a flat black paint on the helmet to switch things up a bit. I had decided that I did not need any hardware replaced, but they were able to clean all of the parts of the helmet. Even though the helmet is simply going back on the shelf, it has a fresh coat of paint and is no longer chipping paint.

Below are photos following the refurb:


Leather Helmet Refurb and Paint: $100

Composite Helmet Refurb and Paint: $75

(Plus any hardware replacement)

Contact Information

Irons and Hoses Helmet Refurbishing and Paint

Facebook Page (click here)

Phone: 816-616-7381