Product Review: The HoseClamp

The HoseClamp assists the back-up firefighter in advancing the line...

The HoseClamp assists the back-up firefighter in advancing the line…

A few months ago, I came across a product online that is called The HoseClamp. The product is produced by Innovate Fire Safety Co., LLC., which is a company on a mission to create and deploy today’s most advanced firefighting technologies and fire prevention methods. Shortly after being asked to complete a product review, I received was The HoseClamp (2 1/2″ model), and below is my review of the product.

The HoseClamp

The patented Hose Clamp is the world’s first adjustable fire retardant safety device, which locks into place on any standard size high pressure water hose.

Compared with outdated tools, the Hose Clamp is designed with a robust frame and rubber handle to execute safe and seamless adjustments when deploying water to the scene of a fire.  Inspired by firefighters, the Hose Clamp is durable, maneuverable, and affordable!

Traditional and antiquated hoseline practices in extinguishing fires often result in decreased response time, minimal accuracy, and operator strain from navigating high pressure hoses, while supporting fellow firefighters in an attack line.  Given the hazards associated with this process, the eradication of fires create enormous loss in productivity, injury, and sometimes the loss of life. Creating a rapid and effective extinguishment is particularly difficult, as minor fluctuations in aim and maneuverability can have devastating effects at the scene of a fire. Giving consideration to the eradication process, the Hose Clamp provides a more robust and accurate deployment, maximizing output and efficiency within the attack line.  This low cost and low maintenance product makes for a truly conscious and protective firefighting experience. –

The Product Specifications

  • Materials are 100% Made in USA.
  • Strong, yet lightweight, weighing in at just under 4lbs. with the handle frame and hose cradle made from cast aluminum
  • Rugged C36000 Brass quick connect pin
  • 300 Series Stainless Steel fastener components
  • Comfortable, fire retardant Urethane handle grip covers strong, light weight 6061-T6 aluminum handle.
  • Polyester based powder coating

The Review

The HoseClamp before being assembled.

The HoseClamp before being assembled.

After receiving the product, it only took a few seconds to look over the tool to understand how it is constructed. The out-of-the-box thoughts were that the tool seemed to be very well constructed, and very durable. The tool essentially has three parts:

  • The Cradle
  • The Pin
  • The Handle
The HoseClamp in place in the hose bed of the Engine.

The HoseClamp in place in the hose bed of the Engine.

The tool is to be placed on the hoseline outside of the IDLH atmosphere, and it was easily assembled in a matter of a few seconds. It easily slid into place on our 2 1/2″ attack line on the rear of our apparatus, and could easily be placed in service. As with any new piece of equipment, it is key that those who are working on the apparatus be familiar with the piece. This is when I was able to get my hands on the HoseClamp for myself…

The concept of the tool is that it assists in providing easier advancement of the hose line, less strain on the firefighter, and creates a handle on any point of the hoseline for the back-up firefighter. While in the past, I have used other products and materials to assist in advancing hoselines; however, in my opinion, The HoseClamp is the best product that I have used to date.

hoseclamp (2)


  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight, yet very durable
  • Potentially reduces injuries on the fire ground
  • Increases effectiveness and makes advancing the line easier


  • Cost could prevent budget strained department’s from purchasing for all apparatus

Contact Information

Innovative Fire Safety Co, LLC (IFSC)
Marine Street​
Farimingdale, NY, 11735
United States

Facebook: Innovative Fire Safety

Twitter: @TheHoseClamp