Fort Patrick Henry Dam Hosts Technical Rescue Drill

tvaThe Tennessee Valley Authority Fort Patrick Henry Dam is located in Kingsport, and the Kingsport Fire Department Technical Rescue Team is the rescue team that responds to the facility. A drill was held at the facility today to determine further needs that the facility can provide for the responders, and to recognize the number of challenges that the team could face if the need arises for a response.

The drill was a simulation of the response that would occur on an actual call.

Engine 6 was the first arriving Engine Company that responded for a man-down call. The Captain established Command and requested the on-shift Technical Rescue Team to respond. Engine 1, Engine 2, Engine 3, and Engine 5, Chief 3 responded and Rescue 1 from the Kingsport Life-Saving Crew. Patient access had been made prior to arrival of the additional units, and TVA provided a liaison that was able to be at the Command post.

The patient was located at the bottom of a very narrow spiral staircase. He was packaged into a SKED by two rescuers while two additional teams set-up haul systems for two separate vertical hauls.  One of the locations had an overhead anchor that was utilized for the 4:1 haul system and 540 to be attached. This was a raise of about 25-30 feet. The patient was then carried to another point in the facility where he was once again raised around 30 feet vertically using another 4:1 haul system and 540 that was attached to the tri-pod.

Immediately following the drill, a hot-wash was conducted to identify any needs that could help both parties in the future. Personnel from the TVA Police, Kingsport Life-Saving Crew, Sullivan County EMA, and TEMA were also on-site for the drill.