Year in Review: The Best of 2015

modelcityff2015As 2015 has recently come to an end, I can’t help but to look back over all of the memories from throughout the year. Each year is full of up’s and down’s on a personal and professional level. 2015 was no different! I had the pleasure to travel across the country to several events and shows once again. I met a handful of followers from the website, which I am always grateful for. One of the biggest accomplishments that my crew of coworkers were able to pull off with great support from the community was the Tri-Cities 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb (click the link) that raised $3500 for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation!

2016 is already looking to be a busy year, as Cpt. Wines ( and myself are travelling down to Catawba County, North Carolina next week for their Annual Banquet. We were able to kick off last year by attending, and we are looking forward to them having us back.

A few usual events and a few new ones that are on my radar for the year are listed below:

  • Oxford-Catfish Annual Banquet (January)
  • FDIC (April)
  • SAFRE in Charlotte (August)
  • Tri-Cities 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb (September)
  • Andy Day’s (September)
  • NFFF Memorial Weekend (October)
  • Firehouse EXPO (October)

At the start of 2015, we were under 9,000 followers on our Facebook Page (click here to LIKE) and we were able to bring in the New Year just over 12k! I’m working on having a bigger presence on Twitter and Instagram. You can follow along on both of those by searching the @modelcityff account.

I have gathered together a few lists  of our most popular articles, links, and reach that the site has had. I hope you enjoy looking through some of the articles, as I thoroughly enjoy sharing them with you!

Top 10 Articles of 2015

  1. Station Project: Firehose Flag– Our Station 6 crew worked together to create a firehose flag that measures 3.5’x6′. This article includes step-by-step instructions of how we created the flag.

  2. GALLERY: Firehouse Kitchen Tables- The Firehouse Kitchen Table is one of the most used pieces of furniture in firehouses across the country. This is where crews unwind after a tough run, break bread at meal times, give reports at shift change, and solve nearly all of the worlds problems. This gallery displays the pride that exists with these tables across the country.

  3. A Lasting Impression I Will Never Forget- Travis Gryder, a 21 year old firefighter from Blowing Rock Fire-Rescue, was killed just a few months after giving me a tour of their station and reaching out to me online. This was a post from the heart of the impact he had on me. RIP Brother.

  4. Ambulance Crash Sends Three to Local Trauma Center- 

  5. GALLERY: Inspirational Quotes/Signs Around the Firehouse-

  6. Man Pinned Between Semi-Trucks in OR Crash Escapes w/ Minor Injuries-

  7. Military-style Turnout Gear to be on Show at FDIC-

  8. GALLERY: Firehouse Kitchen Tables (Part II)-

  9. Hook & Ladder Distillery Brings “Shine” to Downtown Kingsport-

  10. Blowin’ Smoke with Captain Willie Wines-

Top Video Posts of 2015

  1. FUNNY VIDEO: When the Rookie Cleans the Station…BUSTED!-

  2. VIDEO: Political Candidate from Iowa Bashes Fire Truck Use in Chief’s Funeral-

Top Referring Websites in 2015

  1. Wooden Ladders and Iron Firemen

  2. The First Arriving Network

  3. The Fire Critic

  4. Statter 911


  6. Box Alarm Training 

  7. Philly Fire News

  8. NYC

  9. Firefighter Nation

  10. MN8 Foxfire

Top Readers by Country in 2015

  1. United States

  2. Canada

  3. United Kingdom

  4. Germany

  5. Australia

  6. India

  7. Brazil

  8. Netherlands

  9. France

  10. Chile