Local Firefighters Featured on Barnwood Builders on DIY Network


Host Mark Bowe meets with Kingsport Firefighter’s Jamie Shaffer and Justin Waycaster from Vintage Timbers.

Vintage Timber’s is a vintage wood reclaiming business that takes the wood and turns it into paneling, flooring, furniture, and can even reassemble  a complete vintage barn.

Kingsport TN Firefighter’s Jamie Shaffer, Justin Waycaster, and Danny Anderson, along with the rest of their employees have worked to make Vintage Timbers much more than a small business. They were recently contacted by the DIY show Barnwood Builders to highlight their process for turning vintage barnwood into flooring. There work has already received a number of awards, even from the Denver Home Show.


Our lumber is 100% original and we’ve got the growth rings to prove it! Vintage wood is old growth which grew slowly, producing a much denser and tighter grain than today’s wood. Years of weathering, footsteps, sweat and tears were poured into these boards. Lives were built around them and families fed because of them. We try to pour as much love into taking them down as the builders did putting them up. We harvest our wood from old barns and structures that may have outlived their usefulness, but are ready for new life!

Each board is hand selected by our team and designated for its most suitable use. Piece by piece we deconstruct until we are back to where it all started. These beautiful raw materials are waiting for a new life so that they may tell their stories for years to come. The wood finds its way to our mill where each one is hand crafted into the finished product that our customers love. We give the wood what we believe everyone deserves; a second chance.

Vintage Timber’s President Jamie Shaffer has even discussed the possibility of using some of their capabilities to produce custom built firehouse kitchen tables. We hope to bring you more on this in the future, but for now, be sure to tune in December 18th, at 9PM on the DIY network!