The Kingsport Fire Department Recognition Ceremony Tradition Continues

17ceremonygroupThe Kingsport Fire Department held the 4th Annual Employee Recognition Ceremony at the Kingsport Higher Education Building in Downtown Kingsport on February 23rd, 2017.

This has been a great event that continues to draw a crowd from the current and previous employees, as well as our city leaders. It is often said that many people don’t enjoy putting on their Class A uniform since they typically associate it with funerals or department photos. The Ceremony is one night that the members can dress up and enjoy a positive experiernce to hear about the accomplishments of the Department and it’s membership!

This tradition was created to implement a uniformed way to recognize our members for the various awards that have been established. Some of these include Years of Service Awards, Promotions, and the Chief’s Award presentation.

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The City of Kingsport and the Kingsport Fire Department celebrate 100 years in 2017, and to celebrate the Centennial, the past Chief’s of the Fire Department were honored as the keynote speakers for the event. For each of the Chief’s who have passed along or were not able to attend, a paragraph was read aloud to recognize them for their accomplishments as Chief.

If your department doesn’t recognize it’s own employees…then we shouldn’t expect the recognition from the public. It’s a great idea to have an annual ceremony like this, and it can be held at little to no cost.

Here is a look back at the last 100 Years of the Kingsport Fire Department: