Product Review: F(x)P Function and Purpose

F(x)P, Function and Purpose, is a firefighter owned company out of Bristol, VA that has designed a wrist wrap and hand protector combination for weightlifting, Crossfit, and cross training.

Some information about the product from their Listing:

  • Wrist support-our wraps support your wrists during pushing and pressing movements, helping to improve your performance while reducing wrist pain.
  • Hand protection-our custom designed textured palm protector will prevent your hands from ripping and tearing during pullups, muscle ups and swinging movements.
  • Comfort- our ergonomic palm protector covers your hand while allowing a natural gripping position.
  • Versatility- use for wrist and hand support simultaneously, of tuck the palm protector away for wrist wraps only. Loosen the wrap to use as a hand grip only.
  • Durability-double stitching and quality material which stands up to rigorous use. Velcro trans tucked under the wraps prevents the wear and tear on the ends of the wraps. 

The Workouts:

Product worn during the following WOD’s:

  • 5 Rounds:
    • 25 ft. Handstand Walk
    • 25 ft. Front Rack Lunge
    • 15 Toes-to-Bar
  • Murph
    • 1 mile Run
    • 100 Pull-Ups
    • 200 Push-Ups
    • 300 Air Squats
    • 1 mile Run
  • 7 min. AMRAP:
    • 5 KB Swings 70#
    • 5 Pull-Ups
    • 5 Box Jump-Overs
    • 5 Burpees

The Review:

Since I had shoulder surgery around the time that the product was provided, my Engineer at work completed the review and provided feedback. These workouts were completed over a period of time, not during one day.

“One of the first things that I noticed about the product was the soft leather palm.  The leather palm proved to be perfect for pull-up bar work, and most importantly, provided a secure grip without compromising any dexterity.  With the palm being soft material I was worried about the durability of the hand grips.  With some added chalk, the hand grips held up very well after plenty of time on the pull-up bar. 

Anybody that has ever endured the Murph Hero WOD knows what kind of damage 100 pull-ups can do to your hands.  I did not break up the workout into smaller partitions of work, so all pull-ups were completed before moving on to the push-ups.  After 70 pull-ups, I had a small tear on the outside portion of my left hand and after finishing all 100 I had a small blister in the same area of my right hand without a tear.  Many other people doing Murph had much larger and much bloodier rips, some using other types of hand grips and some not.  For the product review, I wore a size Medium because my palm measured exactly 4 inches.. 

Most times I do not wear wrist wraps when doing CrossFit.  I was unsure what I would think about wearing the hang grip and wrist strap combo, but found the wrist straps to be very durable and supportive.  For comfort, I found that the wrist straps need to be wrapped and placed correctly, which for me was with the Function and Purpose logo facing straight up.  I enjoyed the extra wrist support especially during the barbell front-rack lunges.  Overall, the product is well designed and durable and will prevent athletes from missing training time because of hand tears or wrist pain. “


Function and Purpose, F(x)P

Price: $12.99

Available on Amazon here