Fully Involved Leatherworks Has Evolved

A few year’s ago, I did a Product Review on Fully Involved Leatherworks out of Mooresville, NC that is owned and operated by Justin Cagle.

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Since my last review a lot has changed, but only for the better! Fully Involved Leatherworks has become a much larger company making hundreds of Firefighter Radio Straps a month. They have built their business based off of three core values: Craftsmanship, Customer Service, and cost efficiency. This recipe seems to be working well as they are handcrafting over 40 Leather Radio Straps and radio holsters per day and shipping to both the USA and Canada.  

I have been wearing a Fully Involved Custom Radio Strap since 2017, and I know multiple coworkers who have since ordered one. Mine was actually a surprise from my Fiancé, Chanel, as I returned to work following my shoulder surgery. After she gave it to me, she talked about how easy the process was for her, who was not familiar with with what I would like…but Justin knew!

Fully Involved Leatherworks specializes in Custom Radio Straps, Radio Holsters, Leather Fire Helmet Chin Straps, Leather Firefighter Glove Straps, Firefighter Locker Tags, Leather Fire Suspenders, Handmade Leather Belts and other cool leather features for turnout gear.

Ordering Process

Fully Involved Leatherworks is very easy to contact via their website, email, or by phone. Their website even adjusts pricing as you change options so you can ensure you are staying inside your budget. Once your order is placed your product is shipped out if in stock the same business day, or placed inline to be created from scratch. Contact Fully Involved Leatherworks by Email at support@fullyinvolvedleatherworks.com, by phone at 704-799-9938 or their website to start the process.


This is where they have changed the mold for the entire industry! They are now offering a 4 week Guarantee on any customized leather products.  Many of their products are offered in stock without customization as well, meaning you can get a quality firefighter radio strap, better than Boston Leather at a similar price in the same amount of time. Many departments even outfit their entire department with their goods (they do offer bulk order discounts on 10 or more products).  Most orders over $50 ship for free with reasonable shipping if express shipping is needed.

Custom Firefighter Radio Strap

Personalized or Custom Fire Radio Strap and holders have become a staple around the firehouse in the last few years. With over 240,000 variations, your Radio Strap can truly be one of a kind. They even offer Buckle-Less or non adjustable perfect fit radio straps in 7 colors including Black, Rustic Brown, Red, Pink, Blue, Green and Tailboard Tan. Fully Involved Leatherworks is the only company on the market that does not paint your customization on. Instead they use an oil dye on the raw leather to ensure the color is dyed into the leather versus painted on the top of the leather Radio Strap like most. To me having a product that looks great after a few years is important.

Leather Radio Strap (In Stock)

Another neat thing about Justin and his staff is that they offer 9 different styles of radio straps in stock.  These straps come in 4 sizes and are 1 ½” wide, much wider than the radio strap combos that you are use to seeing. They are made from the same material and hardware as the Custom Leather Radio Straps are at a very reasonable price. 

Custom Leather Helmet Shields and Fronts

Fully Involved Leatherworks has several basic designs available which may be customized to your specific design. Their Leather Fronts for firefighters have an array of color and stitching variations and are all created by hand.  They specialize in one piece leather shields which are hand tooled. This construction gives the best protection and resistance to the abuse of the job.  So far mine has held up great.

Firefighter Leather Chin Strap

Their Leather Fire Helmet Chin Straps are phenomenal.  They are soft enough to be comfortable, but strong enough to know you’ve got the real deal. You don’t even need adapters if you are putting your leather chin strap on a Phenix TL2, N6A, or N5A. They are ⅝” wide solid top grain leather with NFPA approved postman slides and the same wide guard quick release buckles you find on the market.

Firefighter SCBA Mask Shield

Fully Involved Leatherworks newest product is their SCBA Mask Shield.  Right now they are available in stock for $29.95 and up. Justin informed me custom options will be coming out very soon so keep an eye out for those. These work for MSA and Scott SCBA masks and help protect the scba lens from getting scratched when not in use or attached to your airpack.  They even have a training bungee option which fits around your entire head for use during firefighter training for blackout simulation.

Handmade Leather Belts

A neat product they offer for both on and off duty is their line of top grain leather belts. These belts are much more durable and stronger than the ones you get at your typical store for a very similar price. They have a few options to even match your radio strap or other leather fire accessories. 


Justin Cagle- Owner

Fully Involved Leatherworks Website (link)

Fully Involved Leatherworks– Facebook (link)

support@fullyinvovledleatherworks (E-Mail)

(704) 799-9938