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I am currently interested in completing Product Reviews for Fire, EMS, and Rescue products.

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The product will be reviewed from an unbiased point o view. It will be provided free of charge in return for the review. Products to be reviewed will not be paid for. An honest review will be posted, and may not be favorable of the product.

If we are unable to review the product in a timely manner, another firefighter will complete the review for us, and report back his findings.

Following the Product Review, a post will be published online and on social media pages.

My contact information is:

Andrew Catron
1453 Hickory Street
Kingsport, TN 37664


Completed Product Reviews:

Reviews Currently Being Completed:

  • Ringers Gloves
  • HexArmor Gloves
  • Heavy Smoke Apparel
  • Fire and Fuel Apparel
  • Candle By The Hour