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Just Livin’ the Dream: New Year, New Beginnings

Among the countless things that my father taught me about his craft was that as a firefighter you should never stop learning, never say "you know it all", and always keep an open mind to changes and progressions in the art of fighting fire. If you've been around the fire service for any length of time you know, and have seen, the fire service transform into much more than just "putting the wet stuff on the red stuff" organizations.

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Sullivan Co. EMS Helps the Salvation Army Ring in the Holidays

As emergency personnel, we are dedicated to the communities that we serve. It's no secret that those who work in emergencies services are not in it for the money. The communities that all of us work to serve are the same communities that many of us live. We enjoy helping those in need, and attempting to improve every situation we respond. The members of Sullivan County EMS, the primary EMS agency that serves the City of Kingsport and the residents of Sullivan County, helped show the dedication that they have to their community by taking the time to serve as Salvation Army "bell ringers" at the Wal-Mart on Fort Henry Drive. The agency reached out to the Salvation Army and inquired about when they were needed the most.

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Happy Thanksgiving

  As most citizens across the country are spending the day with their families, I picked up an extra shift on the ambulance today. My family decided to have our Thanksgiving meal on Saturday, so I am helping out to staff an ...

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