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Just Livin’ the Dream: New Year, New Beginnings

Among the countless things that my father taught me about his craft was that as a firefighter you should never stop learning, never say "you know it all", and always keep an open mind to changes and progressions in the art of fighting fire. If you've been around the fire service for any length of time you know, and have seen, the fire service transform into much more than just "putting the wet stuff on the red stuff" organizations.

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Smoke Showing as Kingsport Firefighters Arrive at Bays Cove Circle

Just before shift change, Kingsport firefighters responded to the 500 block of Bays Cove Circle for a reported structure fire. As the caller notified 911, they stated that smoke was coming from the residence but were unable to get anyone to the door. Engine 4, Engine 5, Engine 1, Fire-Rescue 12, Ladder 1, and Chief 3 responded emergency traffic to the address.

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