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Fire Truck Food Truck OPEN for Business in Colorado

A former firefighter and a former paramedic from Colorado have teamed up to work in the food industry. With the food truck craze on the rise, Quintin Galt and Michelle Loop have launched Fire Truck Crepes. From steak and cheese crepes to cheese cake, the food fire truck has quite the variety of food. The truck was located in Washington state, where it was retired after 25 years of service.

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GALLERY: Assignment Boards Around the Firehouse

Over the past couple years, our crew's have built several firehouse assignment boards that now are now used in three of our firehouses across the Model City. A few of these are dry-erase boards, and one of them is a more traditional chalk board. While this is a newer concept that not all the crews have "bought" into quite yet, it's something that I make every effort to fill out in the morning as we begin the shift.

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