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Station Project: Firehose Flag

Since being assigned at Station 6: Engine 6 in Colonial Heights, our crew has talked about doing a few projects around the station. We finally decided to knock out the biggest one to date, and I am very proud of ...

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Station Project: Fire Hose Art

Since being moved to Fire Station 6: Motel 6, our crew has started talking about several projects that we would like to complete to help make the place more like a “firehouse” rather than a “fire station.” When I say ...

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The Joys of Station Transfers

During 2013, I worked out of Fire Station 2: The Deuce for the majority of the time. We typically try to station (4) personnel out of this station, but due to staffing levels, it doesn't always happen. In January, I was transferred to headquarters due to our shift being down personnel, but I was still able to work out of Station 2 the majority of the time. A few weeks ago, the station assignments were released and I found that I would be getting transferred again.

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