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Just Livin’ the Dream: New Year, New Beginnings

Among the countless things that my father taught me about his craft was that as a firefighter you should never stop learning, never say "you know it all", and always keep an open mind to changes and progressions in the art of fighting fire. If you've been around the fire service for any length of time you know, and have seen, the fire service transform into much more than just "putting the wet stuff on the red stuff" organizations.

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Just Livin’ the Dream: What It Takes

What words do you use to describe blackness, the most black that black can get, even telling someone to close theirs eyes really doesn't do it justice, but we that's been there know that's what it's like to mask up and cross over a buildings threshold and into hell. How do you tell someone that every bone in your body is going to be screaming at you to go the other way.

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Blowin’ Smoke with Tim Kron

  Tim Kron is a Captain assigned to Quint 2, with the New Albany Fire Department, located in Southern Indiana. He is a father to 3 of the greatest kids in the world. His oldest will be a senior at ...

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