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Product Review: Blast Mask

BlastMask recently contacted The Model City Firefighter about completing a product review of their product. As any of my frequent visitors know, I recognize the importance of physical fitness in the fire service. Although I was not familiar with the ...

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Training Drill: LEGO Communications

Today, our shift took part in a Communications drill at headquarters that was a little different from other drills that I have had. The goal was simple: Communication. As we all know communication is a key element on the fire ...

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GALLERY: Inspirational Quotes/Signs Around the Firehouse

As I was glancing through a few photos stored on my computer the other day, I was reminded of one of the signs that hangs in Nashville Fire Station #9: The Bottoms that reads: Everyone Goes Home on one side, and Is Tonight Your Night on the other. As the comments on Facebook were questioning the slogan "Is Tonight Your Night," I take that as a positive rather than a negative.

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